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Let’s face it, financially the end of January is a challenge to most of us. Not only do we usually get our December salary earlier than usual to allow for Christmas shopping, but over the festive season, we love to spend on gifts, holidays and special treats. And there is nothing wrong with it – it is, after all, the season for giving.

But when we get back to work and the excitement of the season is behind us, we realise that there is only that much left in the wallet and still so many days until the January paycheck. This is the time for creative thinking and smart shopping.

And luckily with the affordable quality of Leopard’s Leaps’ versatile wine collection, your tight budget will not be an issue.

From R33 for the delightfully pink Leopard’s Leap Lookout Pinotage Rosé to R42 for the Leopard’s Leap Classic Collection Shiraz at least you will have a glass of wine to relax with.

And what to do if your fridge has run out of inspiration? Chef Pieter suggest you try this easy pasta recipe with ingredients that even an end-of-the-month pantry should have. Keep the leftovers for a lunchbox salad or double the recipe and invite some friends over – it will soon feel like a holiday again!

End-of-the-Month Pasta Recipe

Serves 2

200 g tagliatelle or penne pasta

10 cherry tomatoes, halved

3 Tbsp chopped olives

10 basil leaves, torn

1 feta wheel

2 Tbsp olive oil


Black pepper

1Tbsp basil pesto (optional)

Cook pasta in boiling salted water, drain and add rest of the ingredients. Season well and enjoy with your favourite glass of Leopard’s Leap wine.

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