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Although statistics seen in isolation may often be deceptive, these latest figures from International Wine and Spirit Research provides a compelling glimpse into the trends shaping the industry in coming months and years.

Some of the interesting statistics include the following:

  • Chinese consumption of wine will increase to 126,4 million cases by 2014.
  • 90% of wine currently drunk in China is domestically produced.
  • France, Italy and Spain remain the world's largest wine producer, accounting for jut half of the 3 billion cases produced annually.
  • The UK is currently the word's largest importer both by value and volume.
  • Britain consumes more white wine per capita than any other country.
  • Consumer markets poised to show the most growth over the next 4 years are China, Russia and and the US.
  • Worldwide, one in four bottles is drunk in a country where it was not made.

The last statistic makes one wonder how ecological issues like carbon footprints will affect international wine exports in the near future.

Image by Lumi via Compfight

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