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South Africa is a melting pot of cultures and all of these influence food traditions and styles of cooking. And for culinary tourists and everyone interested in food culture, Leopard’s Leap offers a South African Food Experience of note.

Join Chef Pieter de Jager for an introduction to the diversity which is South African cuisine. Learn about the homely food of the townships, understand the use of fragrant spices in curries and enjoy the unique combination of sweet, sour and savoury in traditional dishes as well as the innovative use of seasonal fruit in chutneys and sambals.

The South African food and wine experience can be experienced in three ways:

Cooking Demonstrations presented by Chef Pieter de Jager, followed by a tasting lunch of all the dishes paired with the popular wines of Leopard’s Leap including the award-winning Culinaria Collection. Cooking demonstration with lunch and wine costs R350 per person.

Hands-on Cooking Classes with Chef Pieter de Jager in the state-of-the-art Leopard’s Leap kitchen followed by a tasting meal of the dishes prepared, paired with wines from Leopard’s Leap as well as its Culinaria Collection. Hands-on cooking class with meal and wine costs R650 per person.

Food and Wine Pairings at the hand of 6 representations of the typical flavours of South African cuisine with 6 wines from Leopard’s Leap’s Culinaria Collection, developed exclusively to be exceptional partners to food. This South African Food and Wine Pairing will also be presented on every first Friday of the month, replacing the regular Culinaria Food and Wine Pairing. The pairing is presented by Chef Pieter de Jager and Experience Manager, Wouter Hanekom. R120 per person.

Guests will be able to experience the energy and diversity of South Africa with an array of dishes that reflects regionality and culture. Examples of dishes to expect (although they will change according to season and availability) include homely township staples such as pap, marog and chakalaka, robust Durban curry and mango atchar, marrowbones from the Karoo, smoked West Coast snoek, venison, slaphakskeentjies, caramelised sweet potatoes and classic South African desserts such as melktert, malva pudding and koeksisters.

Guests are invited to learn the story behind favourites such as biltong, droëwors, boerewors and kaiings before leaving armed with a wealth of knowledge and recipes to enjoy a taste of South Africa, even when they are back home.

  • Please note that a minimum of 10 people per session is required when booking an exclusive Cooking demonstration, Hands-on Cooking Class or Food and Wine Pairing.
  • For more information on Leopard’s Leap, its wines and programme of cooking classes, kindly visit or contact Liné Smit at or +27 (0)21 876 8843.

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