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Mellow March

Mellow March

March is such an in-between month. Somewhere between the romance of Valentine's Day and the anticipation of Easter Weekend, it is a month that's not summer anymore, but doesn't feel like autumn. It has no major celebrations or big occasions and while you might be over summer's sushi and salads, it's not yet time for soups and stews. Dare we call March mediocre?

Perhaps... but think carefully. Without any big days on the calendar, you don't have to spend hard-earned cash on gifts. With beach holidays long-forgotten, there's no bikini angst. There's not a single special menu to plan. And who has ever complained about in-between weather? March is a month of no pressure. Is that not the most wonderful thing?!

March is not mediocre. March is mellow!

With no pressure, we've come up with a few motions for a mellow March. They're easy, they're familiar and they're delicious. You can have them as a meal for one or to share when you're in the mood. They are only there to make your March more fun. And on the topic of fun, why not stay on theme and add the mellowest of wines to the mix? The Leopard's Leap Classic Merlot is versatile and agreeable and works as a glass on its own, is a beautiful partner to our mellow meals and you can even mix it into a wine cocktail!

Moreish Mac & Cheese

Who doesn't love macaroni and cheese? Short of serving a watered-down version without proper cheese, you can't really stuff it up. When it comes to comfort food, macaroni and cheese is as good as it gets. Made from pantry staples, you can size it up and down to demand. Add crispy bacon if you have a family of carnivores or a herb salad on the side if you must, but really, all you need is a fork (perhaps even a spoon!) and marvelous and mellow glasses of Leopard's Leap Merlot.

Mom's Meatballs

Meatballs or frikkadelle as we know them in South Africa, should be a go-to for any home cook. They're easy and cost-effective and can be served on top of buttery mash, with your favourite pasta or as an alternative burger patty. Make them small and they are popular canapés (party frikkadelle) and if you really want to stay true to tradition, enjoy them cold on a road trip! Go with a glass of Leopard's Leap Merlot - a much-loved choice with our meatballs - or even the Natura De-alc Red when you're going alcohol free.

Multi-purpose Marinara

Marinara is an easy and simple tomato sauce that cooks very quickly and can be used for pasta, pizza and even as a dipping sauce. No drama in the making, just plenty of flavour to add to just about anything!

Modern Milk tart

Milk tart is a South African tradition. With its smooth texture and warming notes of cinnamon, it is many a family's favourite. It's easy, pretty-much fool-proof and is make with pantry staples. Can't really get much easier. And, the time for tart and tea has come and gone, so make it modern and pour a glass of your favourite Leopard's Leap wine!  

Merlot Margarita

The traditional margarita is all about zesty freshness. In our Merlot-inspired version, we add some mellow to the zing - perfect for March!

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