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There are many things to love about summer but unfortunately, we are not all on holiday for the whole of summer and sometimes we get caught up between the blistering heat and office buildings without sufficient air-conditioning and forget why this is such a wonderful time of year.

We thought to make a list of things we love about summer and hope they will also remind you of all the small things that make this a special time of year – so we can all forget about the little annoyances and rather celebrate everything we enjoy – from the smell of suntan lotion to sunset volleyball on the beach.

Things we love this summer:

Sundresses – light and flimsy

Beach hair

Healthy sun-kissed skin


Cocktail hour with friends

Cocktail hour with friends

Days that last forever

Flip flops

Sexy high heel strappy sandals

Summer fruits – in their wholesome state of freshness or as part of a summery dessert such as a berry cheesecake, banoffee pie or pavlova!

Fruity desserts

Fruity desserts

Road trips with the wind through your hair

The freshness of early mornings

Outdoor braai (barbeque)

Anything on the braai

Mushrooms on the braai

Mushrooms on the braai

Neon colours

Outdoor concerts

People watching

Beach chairs

Beach blankets rather than towels

Home-made cordials

Home-made cordials

Home-made cordials

Iced coffee

Ice cream

Sand between your toes

Evening runs

BIG sunglasses

Lazing in the pool on a lilo or pool noodle

Sunset with a Leopard’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc Wine Cocktail in hand

wine cocktails (13)
Ice cream in one hand and a boogie board in the other

The Grand Beach Café (Granger Bay) – and you can enjoy Leopard’s Leap wine here!

Yachts – to watch, if only you could own one too!

Crisp and sweet half-moons of watermelon

Horse riding in the mountains or on the beach

Long walks on the beach

Sunset picnics

Floppy sun hats

Volleyball on the beach

Fish & Chips while watching the waves crash

No blow-drying hair

Less make-up

No alarm clocks

The Braaibroodjie

Summer anthems

Afternoon breezes

The Six Pack (we all appreciate it when it comes as muscles, but hey, in liquid form it is not too bad either!

Sarmies made from leftovers cold cuts – try our big bite sandwich!

Big Bite Sandwich made from leftover cold cuts

Big Bite Sandwich made from leftover cold cuts

Building sandcastles – when last have you?

Seafood platters served with Leopard’s Leap Chardonnay

Leopard's Leap Chardonnay

Daydreaming – when last have you?

Prawns grilled over hot coals with peri-peri and coconut dressing and fresh coriander

Prawns with summer salsa

Prawns with summer salsa

What do you love about summer? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page or on Twitter (@leopardleapwine)

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