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While the colour white is often associated with linen dresses and summer’s days, white wines are usually poured when the temperatures are scorching, the seafood is served in salads rather than soups and the sunsets are slow and sultry.

But are white wines limited to their popular refreshing and fruity characteristics?

What are more wintery than the flavours of lemon pie, honeyed toast, warm nuts and the temptation of caramel popcorn? Well, those are also part of the flavour profile of certain white wines – 2018 Leopard’s Leap Culinaria Chenin Blanc for one.

Made from the quality Chenin Blanc grapes of the Voor-Paardeberg and Darling, the wine was fermented and matured on the lees in 500-litre second- and third-fill French oak barrels for nine months. This delicate oak treatment complements the well-defined ripe fruit and sweet-spice flavours without compromising a lively tartness, ensuring the wine to be lush and not lazy.

The complex integration of quality fruit and subtle oak results in a wine that offers much more than a refreshing summer drink, that has maturation potential and is exceptionally versatile on the dinner table. For winter, pair the Culinaria Chenin Blanc with minestrone soup, melanzane alla parmigiana, ratatouille, mussels and chorizo, citrus crème caramel, tagliatelle with pesto and ricotta, Thai chicken, butternut and noodle soup and tomato tarte tatin.

Good news for those who also enjoy white wine in colder months, but prefer an unoaked or lighter style: The recently released 2021 Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc is a favourite summer wine with refreshing green apple, pineapple, gooseberries and ginger, but imagine these flavours as apple crumble, pineapple and ginger pudding, gooseberry preserve, wintery quince … the same profile, but with a winter’s interpretation! Perhaps serve the wine a little less chilled and see how well it behaves in the cold!

And staying on trend … with ‘winter white‘ a must in fashionable winter wardrobes, when it comes to wine – whites are also for winter!

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