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After the success of the #Words4Wine initiative at the annual Open Book Festival and Leopard’s Leap’s Christmas trees built with books, collecting pre-loved books for those in need of reading material, we are delighted to announce that we have collected 460 books!!

These books are now being categorised and will be distributed according to relevance to primary school learners in St Mary’s Primary School as well as to teens and adults at Moholo Live House in Khayelitsha.

Another exciting initiative aimed at learners, is Open Box! The Open Box project entails boxes with books, games, materials for activities and other resources relevant to both teachers and learners, that are being placed in classrooms.

These boxes are like mini libraries, allowing teachers and learners access to the resource through the day, without requiring additional staff and administration.

Leopard’s Leap is so proud to be involved in this exciting program!

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