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We came across this great review of The Lookout White on GrapeThinking, a multi-author blog discussing wines, lifestyles, culture and industry news. Here is an excerpt from the review.

“To my mind, Leopard’s Leap won the day (the author tried several wines at a picnic), for a couple reasons. First off, this wine is amazingly priced and when one is splitting costs amongst friends it’s always nice to keep things simple.

Graphically, they’ve pulled off playing on South Africa’s wildlife heritage without creating a critter, and instead have created an attractive brand.

Third, the varietals choice makes use of what South Africa is abundant in and does well – chenin blanc, chardonnay and columbard, promoting the real essence of the Cape.

And lastly, the wine is exceptionally pleasant – and is refreshing, clean, uncomplicated and elegant with fresh lime flavours on the entry and subtle hints of honey and melon on the finish.

One could easily entertain a host of friends for an afternoon in the sun, and have Leopard’s Leap Lookout White keeping everyone very satisfied throughout the day.”

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