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Christmas is about so much more than what we eat and drink, but it is true to our nature to enjoy the company of our friends and loved ones – especially over the festive season – with something special on the table. This year we say cheers to choice with our Natura De-Alc White and Red. Now you can join in the fun, even if you choose not to consume alcohol. Try mixing our Christmas Cheer Mocktail – it is sassy and sophisticated, but safe!

Christmas Cheer Mocktail Recipe


125 ml cranberry juice

125 ml Natura Red

60 ml sparkling water

2 tbsp Mint syrup

8 to 16 fresh berries

Sprigs of fresh mint

crushed ice


In a large jug, pour in cranberry juice, sparkling water and mint syrup. Stir to combine.

Pour into two cocktail glass filled with crushed ice and fresh cranberries.

Garnish with a spring of fresh mint.

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