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Imperial Fizz Wine Cocktail

Imperial Fizz Wine Cocktail

Sparkling drinks are what year end parties are all about! As beautiful as bubbly is all on its own, this fizzy flute takes it to another level with a touch of gin, elderflower syrup and pear and lemon juice.


37.5 ml London Dry Gin 
30 ml Pressed Pear Juice 
15 ml Elderflower Syrup 
15 ml Fresh Lemon Juice 
4 Mint Leaves 
100 ml Leopard's Leap Cuvee Brut 
a sprig of mint for garnish


Step 1 Add all ingredients except the bubbles into a cocktail shaker 

Step 2 Add 1 scoop of good ice to the shaker

Step 3 Shake until completely chilled

Step 4 Chill a stemmed flute glass

Step 5 Fine strain mix into serving flute

Step 6 Top the mix off with the Sparkling Wine

Step 7 Garnish with a sprig of mint

Recipe by Travis Kuhn

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