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Leopard’s Leap Wine will be sponsoring the launch of the armchair travel souvenir Timeless Karoo at the @Home Living Space in Johannesburg on 13 November. Guests will be able to sip on the silky selection of wines while enjoying this pictorial masterpiece that is a collection of sights from the South African Karoo. It is a must-see for all travel enthusiasts. Below is the synopsis of the book as found on

This vast and unique region, at once awe-inspiring and secretive, will draw you closer into its protective mantle; too close for casual inspection by the hurried traveller. The Karoo will share its secrets with you only if you’re prepared to sit quietly to learn its mysteries over a plate of bobotie, a glass of witblits, and a copy of Timeless Karoo.

This beautifully illustrated and well-written book encompasses a vast area: the geographical expanse from Niewoudtville in the northwest, eastwards to Hopetown, south to Steytlerville and west to Montagu. Within this region, you will encounter six Karoos: the Central, Hantam, Great, Klein, Tankwa and Northern & Upper Karoo, each with its own stockpile of natural and human history, its own complex tapestry and prehistoric rhythms. Each journey into the Karoo yields a fresh view, a different angle and an urge to cut loose, swing off the tar, and pursue an uncharted dirt road into an unknown horizon.

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