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Oom Heinrich se Kerriewors (Uncle Heinrich's curried sausage)

Oom Heinrich se Kerriewors (Uncle Heinrich's curried sausage)

This unique recipe for kerriewors (curried sausage) is named Chef Christiaan's late uncle, Heinrich Visser, who used to live in Namibia. His brother in law first introduced him to the recipe when they were preparing for the annual church fair and fundraiser. When Uncle Heinrich moved back to South Africa, he brought the recipe with and became a family favourite and a popular alternative on the traditional boerewors.  

Oom Heinrich's curry sausage                    


Natural sausage casings    

5 kg Beef trim (30% fat)   

2 Tblsp Olive oil bend          

1 kg White onions, finely chopped       

6 Tblsp Mild curry powder  

2 Tblsp Turmeric powder    

80 g Coriander seeds     

10 g Cloves

15 g Black pepper, whole          

80 g  Salt     

3 Tblsp Apricot jam  

3 Tblsp Fruit chutney

300 g Dried apricots, finely chopped     

500 ml Cold water  


Soak the casings in water to remove the salt.                

Run water through the casings, this will make the casings more flexible and easier to work with.                        

Keep the cleaned casings separate in a bowl of water until needed.                      

Add olive oil blend to a large saucepan over medium heat.                  

Add the white onions and sauté until soft.                      

Add the curry powder and turmeric and sauté for another 5 minutes.                    

Remove from the heat, transfer the onions to a container and place in the fridge to cool down.                        

Place a dry frying pan over a medium heat.                 

Individually toast the coriander seeds, cloves and black pepper.                 

Gently shake the pan to ensure the spices are gently toasting.                     

Remove from the heat once the spices are very aromatic.               

Allow the spices to cool before grinding them in a mortar and pestle and keep aside for later.                       

Cut the beef into smaller pieces and pass through the meat grinder.                

Add the curry onions, toasted coriander, black pepper, cloves, salt, apricot jam, fruit chutney and dried apricots.                      

Thoroughly mix the sausage mixture to ensure the spices and onions are evenly mixed through.                        

Add 500 ml of cold water and mix thoroughly, the water will help the sausage mixture to pass through the sausage maker.                      

Transfer the curry sausage mixture to the sausage maker.                  

Slip the sausage casing over the funnel attachment, leave 5 cm off the end of the casing to tie off later.                      

When the sausage meat starts to come out, use one hand to regulate the casing slip.                

Don't stuff to tight, but also don't allow air pockets.               

Continue until all the meat is stuffed into the sausage casings, tie off the end into a double knot.                       

Click here for a quick demo on the stuffing. 

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