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Pappoffer Recipe for Braai Day

In South Africa, pap (maize porridge) is the ultimate heritage food. It is a staple in many households and in large parts of the country it is also an integral part of the treasured tradition of the braai.

Celebrating Heritage Month in September as well as National Braai Day on 24 September, we are delighted to share Chef Christian’s recipe for Pappoffers (maize puffs). He adds a delightful tomato relish and serves them for breakfast, as a snack or as a side to a braai. We love to wash it down with our 2020 Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc. A great South African combo!

Pappoffer recipe


100ml  maize meal (mielie-meal)

500ml  water

1 egg, whisked

250ml  flour

15ml    baking powder

2ml      salt

Sunflower oil for deep frying


Mix mielie-meal and water and heat until boiling point.

Put on the lid and cook for 15-20min until runny/ slap.

Stir now and again.

Cool pap.

Add egg and mix.

Add flour, baking powder and salt and mix until smooth

Pour spoonful of mixture into hot sunflower oil and fry until golden brown.

Place on kitchen towel to drain excess oil.

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