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Perfect Partners

Perfect Partners

Some combinations just work. From something as simple as bacon and eggs to something foreign and French like Duck a l'orange. Whether they make sense or not, some combinations are exceptional partners on your plate - think duck and fruit or lamb and aubergine. In your glass it might be Tequila and lime or Brandy and any of lime's citrus cousins. If it is a wine glass, South Africa has the winning formula of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut... Yes, the blend of Pinot Noir and Cinsaut (Hermitage) worked so well that it became South Africa's only unique wine variety, Pinotage!

With Pinotage Day being celebrated on 9 October this year, we decided to celebrate a few winning formulas and pair these recipes with Pinotage.

Duck terrine with cranberries and plum puree

South Africans are known for combining savoury and sweet on their plate, a food tradition that might not be so popular with everyone, but it is an acknowledged culinary combination when it comes to pairing duck with citrus, plums or berries. Try Chef Christiaan's recipe for a moreish duck terrine combines with cranberries, a plum puree and - of course - a glass of Leopard's Leap Special Edition Pinotage. 

Lamb pinchos with baba ganoush and beetroot yoghurt dip

Lamb and aubergine are enjoyed together in a variety of cuisines - from middle Eastern stews to Moussaka. Our recipe for lamb pinchos combines Spanish tapa-style kebabs with the South African love of a sosatie over the coals. Serve this small skewered delights with baba ganoush and the fruity notes of Leopard's Leap Classic Pinotage.

Pinotage Princess Wine Cocktail

Citrus is a popular partner to brandy in a variety of cocktails and this winning recipe takes hands with our flavour of the month for a fun Pinotage Princess Wine Cocktail!

Hey, hey, there's a Pinotage Day!

Join us on Saturday, 9 October for a complimentary tasting of our the two Pinotage wines in our range - the 2019 Leopard's Leap Classic Pinotage and the 2020 Special Edition Pinotage.

Buy any 6 bottles of 2019 Leopard's Leap Classic Pinotage or 2020 Special Edition Pinotage during October from our Tasting Room or and get 10% discount. 

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