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It's a White Christmas at Leopard's Leap

It's a White Christmas at Leopard's Leap

For most South Africans, a White Christmas is something that happens in the movies. For those of us who still dared to dream of celebrating this special time of year drinking glühwein under the snowflakes, having a northern hemisphere Christmas seems unlikely again this year.

For that reason, the team at Leopard's Leap decided to create a summer Christmas with some delicious white inspirations. Perhaps you prefer something classic like a well-chilled glass of white wine with an elegant plate of white fish... Perhaps you enjoy the challenge of a making your trifle all white while sipping on an extravagant White Christmas Martini... 

Enjoy the charm of a White Christmas - with the joy of summer weather!


White Fish with White Wine Sauce with Culinaria Chenin Blanc.

Lemony Artichoke with Pappardelle Salad with Leopard's Leap Unwooded Chardonnay.

White Christmas Trifle with Leopard's Leap Sparkling Cuvée Brut 

Lemon Panna Cotta with Leopard's Leap Chescato

White Christmas Martini

White Christmas Mojito

White Christmas Sangria


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