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If like me, you enjoy white wine I recommend that you drink it cold. If you’ve forgotten to stock the fridge ahead of time, throw a bottle or two in the freezer for about one hour. I set the alarm clock on my mobile to make sure that I don’t forget about it.

Remember to keep it cold. Either leave the bottle in the fridge or fill up your ice bucket with one third ice and one third cold water. Also, try not to over-fill your wine glass. By the time you’ve gotten half way, the remainder of the glass might be warmer than it should be.

Remember that it’s quite alright to mix white wine with sparkling water to create a spritzer or to enjoy it with ice. You certainly wouldn’t be breaking any etiquette rules. Then again, I enjoy breaking a few rules every now and then.

All my years researching and teaching taught me one very valuable lesson about wine; it’s the company, the food and the atmosphere that deliver a great taste. The trick to enjoying wine, whether that be white or red, is to forget all the rules by snubbing the wine snobs and to experiment.


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