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Hummus recipe with black sesame seeds, fresh dates and silan

Hummus recipe with black sesame seeds, fresh dates and silan

Hummus with black sesame seeds, fresh dates and silan                 


1 Chickpeas, canned    

4 Tbsp. Tahini  

2 Lemon, zest and juice

2 Tbsp. Olive oil blend

1 Garlic cloves, minced

0.5 tsp  Cumin seeds, ground 

Sea salt           

3 Tbsp. Water  

4 Fresh dates, pitted and cut in small cubes     

1 Tbsp. Black sesame seeds, toasted 

1 Tbsp. Silan (date syrup - buy it here)       


In the bowl of a food processor, combine the tahini and lemon juice and lemon zest and process for 1 minute                       

Scrape the sides of the food processor and add the olive oil blend, minced garlic, ground cumin and a pinch of salt.             

Process for 30 seconds, scrape the sides and bottom of the bowl.              

Open, drain, and rinse the chickpeas. Add half of the chickpeas to the food processor and process for 1 minute.                       

Scrape sides and bottom of the bowl, then add remaining chickpeas and process until thick and quite smooth.                      

Add the water and process until the hummus is very smooth and not to thick.                    

Transfer the hummus to a bowl, fold through the fresh dates.                       

Drizzle over the silan and sprinkle over the toasted black sesame seeds before serving.                 

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