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Have you just realised that Sunday is Mother’s Day?

Yes, this Sunday!

You will probably also find that all the restaurants are already fully booked – at least those you know your mom or wife would enjoy.

What to do?!

First, buy her something she really wants.

Second, follow our plan below and you can expect smiles all around.

1. Get some of our 2013 Culinaria Pinot Noir Chardonnay – buy it from our Tasting Room or order online.

LL 2013 Culinaria Pinot Noir Chard

2. Now, get to your favourite supermarket or food store and stock up on a combination of the below ingredients – they will all complement the Culinaria Pinot Noir Chardonnay for an amazing taste experience. We will guide you to combining a beautiful lunch without too much work in the kitchen – especially as a trashed kitchen on Mother’s Day is any mom’s worst fear!

  • Hummus (get ready-made from the shop or try and make your own)
  • Freshly baked bread – ciabatta works well (get some of those par-baked breads that only need a few minutes in the oven).
  • White and brown mushrooms – skewer them and grill with plenty of butter and some fresh herbs such as thyme.
  • Fennel, cream, nutmeg, garlic and Parmesan – layer the boiled fennel with the other ingredients and bake for a delicious Fennel gratin. Get recipe.
  • A selection of Charcuterie, including Pancetta, prosciutto, jamón.
  • Aubergine – slice them thinly and pack on a baking tray. Add some olive oil, coarse salt and grill in the oven.
  • Prawns, olive oil, garlic, butter, black pepper and parsley. Heat oil and butter in a wok, add prawns and garlic, cook until prawns are pink, season and serve. Get recipe.

Set the table with some big wine glasses, side plates, cutlery and linen serviettes. Dish up lunch in big platters for everyone to share and have a relaxing day with mom!

Go on, Moms deserve to be treated!

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