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Leopards Leap is currently 12 years old and for the last couple of years we have been looking for a home for the brand. After much looking an estate came onto the market and we immediately acquired it.

In addition to the wine we make, Leopard’s Leap is also actively involved in supporting conservation efforts, South African literature, and the pairing of wine and food. The challenge therefore was how to showcase all that is Leopard’s Leap in a single venue and give our guests the perfect experience.

We started with the oldest and most enduring of partnerships, that between wine and food. It was therefore logical that we would find a cuisine partner of the highest standard. That person was internationally renowned chef Liam Tomlin, who moved to Cape Town several years ago and opened the very successful Chefs Warehouse, which is a combination of retail and cooking demonstration classes. Liam has brought that concept to Leopard's Leap Vineyards and has expanded on it to include hands-on cooking classes.We believe the collaboration between Leopard's Leap Wines and Liam Tomlin Food is the perfect pairing of wine and cuisine.

We wanted a building for this partnership that was modern and innovative but unmistakably part of Franschhoek's proud heritage of wine and cuisine. Above all we wanted a venue that provided guests with a world class experience.

This building caters for all needs. Office space for the Leopard's Leap and Liam Tomlin Food teams, the impressive public and private wine tasting areas, the state-of-the-art cooking school and demonstration area, the retail section, the outdoor gardens where families can relax and enjoy a picnic, and a reading corner where visitors can share our love of literature.

Outside is the magnificent Domain of the Mountain Leopard statue designed by renowned artist Marco Cianfanelli. The steel sculpture, which rises more than 9m into the air, depicts a leopard standing on a mountain peak.

We hope to welcome many guests, both from the local valley and from abroad, to our new estate, to enjoy all its offerings with us.

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