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People usually enjoy pizza with red wine or beer, but a new article in The New York Times suggests something different: Pairing pizza with Champagne or sparkling wine.

If pizza seems too humble a dish to pair with bubbly, the author suggests thinking about the simple and elegant ingredients in a good pizza: pure flour, Italian tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, sea salt, fresh basil and quality olive oil. According to the article, the yeasty, sweet and savoury flavours in a pizza is complemented by non-vintage champagne. Italians usually drink Coca-Cola or other fizzy drinks with their pizza, so bubbly might be a logical next step when pairing your pizza with a beverage. The article further states:

The fact is, pizza is one of those rare foods with such versatility it can be enjoyed with an enormous assortment of different beverages. Sure, some things will clash, or deaden pizza, like very oaky wines with little acidity. But most pairings, including Champagne, work well. It’s a joy to experiment and make your own discoveries.

With wines, most people reflexively reach for a red with pizza, but don’t dismiss whites, especially dry whites with lively acidity. Those from Campania, the home territory of pizza, are superb even if the grapes are unfamiliar, like a falanghina or a Fiano di Avellino. Try Soave or even a good, dry riesling. Come to think of it, next time I have a pizza, I may try a Vouvray.

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