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French is one of the four official languages of Switzerland, the others being German, Italian and Romansch. As of 2015, around 2 million people in the country (24.4% of the population) spoke French as their primary language and around 29.1% of the population has working knowledge of French. (Read more)

Rösti or röschti (Alemannic German: [ˈrøːʃti]) is a Swiss dish consisting mainly of potatoes, in the style of a fritter. It was originally a breakfast dish, commonly eaten by farmers in the canton of Bern, but is now eaten all over Switzerland and around the world.

Enjoy a light lunch of delicious rösti with porcini puree and a glass of our 2015 Culinaria Pinot Noir – beautiful with those earthy mushrooms! Without the porcini puree, the rösti is also a lovely, crunchy addition to breakfast – in which case, we would open our Culinaria Brut MCC!

Serves 16



8 medium potatoes, peeled and cut into fine julienne

80 ml melted butter


Porcini puree

400 g frozen porcini

20 g butter

1 onion, chopped



80 ml balsamic vinegar

60 ml soy sauce



In a large mixing bowl, mix the cut potato, butter and salt together.

Heat a thick-base non-stick pan over medium heat and place the potato inside. Cover with foil and cook gently for 15 minutes. Flip the rosti and continue cooking. Once cooked through and crisp, cut into 16 pieces.

Serve with porcini puree and ground, dried raspberries.

Porcini puree

Heat a pan on the stove. Place the porcini, butter, onion, salt and pepper into the pan. Cover with a lid and cook for 8 -10 minutes.

Once the mushrooms are soft and start to fry instead of stew, add the balsamic and soy. Cook the mushrooms further, with the lid removed.  Once all the moisture has evaporated, blend in a food processor.

Once smooth, pass through a fine sieve for an even finer texture.

Adjust the seasoning and serve warm or cold.

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