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From Ribs to Tails for the Braai

From Ribs to Tails for the Braai



Serves 4


1 lamb rib

freshly squeezed juice of two lemons

coarse sea salt

Black pepper


1 tot Worcestershire sauce

freshly ground black pepper

brush made from rosemary twigs (or a kitchen brush)


Grind your salt, pepper and coriander together and rub into the meat with the lemon juice before placing it in the hinged grid and closing.

Place grid vertically next to the fire or coals where just enough heat will reach it to melt the fat and crisp the meat.

Serve with coleslaw.

Skaapstertjies (Lamb's Tails) for the Braai

Serves 4


1 kg cleaned sheep tails

fresh sprigs of thyme

15ml     Maldon salt

15ml     Freshly ground black pepper

30ml     Biltong spice

250ml   water

1 – 2 lemons


Preheat the oven to 180 C. Season the sheep tails with salt, pepper and Biltong Spice.

Place in an oven casserole with sprigs of thyme. Add the water, place the lid on and cook for 1 – 1½ hours or until the meat comes off the bones easily. This can be done the day before.

Light a fire and when the coals are medium heat, slowly grill the sheep tails to perfection. They must be a deep, golden colour. Just before serving, squeeze some lemon over the meat.

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