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The 50/50 Martini Wine Cocktail

The 50/50 Martini Wine Cocktail

Nothing beats a Martini when it comes to sophistication and style. Imagine sequins and silly conversations while slowly sipping from your coup...


50 ml London Dry Gin 
50 ml Leopard's Leap Chescato 
15 ml Triple Sec Orange Liqueur 
15 ml Galliano 
A dehydrated Lime wheel as garnish or basil tapenade


Step 1 Add all ingredients into a stirring beaker

Step 2 Add 1 scoop of good ice

Step 3 Stir until completely chilled

Step 4 Chill a coup glass

Step 5 Fine strain the mix into the chilled coup glass

Step 6 Tear drop basil pesto on surface of drink (3 drops)
Step 7 Garnish dehydrated lime wheel float

Recipe by Travis Kuhn

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