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Nobody should ever have to endure wine served at the wrong temperature, whether it’s red or white. Getting the right temperature can be tricky, making chilling wine with ice as a much-debated topic.

When ordering a bottle wine, your waiter can add ice to it first, but if you’re ordering by the glass, the easiest solution is a simple small ice cube. It brings the temperature down which brings out the fruity taste and makes the wine that much more enjoyable. A small ice cube won’t dilute or change the wine too much.
Here are some other wine cooling tips:

  • Place the bottle in the freezer for a few minutes (although this would mean that you would prolong your enjoyment).
  • Place a few ice blocks in a small zip-lock freezer bag and dip it into your glass.
  • When decanting, do so in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar (and preferably not next to the braai or in the sun.)
  • Use an ice bucket. In this way, you can start enjoying the wine, while allowing the remainder to chill in time for the next glass. According to those in the know, this chills the wine faster than in the fridge, with the added bonus of being only an arm-reach away. 
  • If patience isn’t your virtue, order a wine glass filled with ice, leave for a few minutes before replacing the ice with wine. 
  • Use plastic ice cubes. 

With all these great solutions, it’s also best to know that the most ideal temperature to serve red wine is at room temperature – which doesn’t mean in your sunroom but rather at 15°C. White wine should not be over chilled as this suppresses the fruit flavours, it should ideally be served at around 10°C.

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