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Love in the time of Covid

Love in the time of Covid

It is the month of love in times of social distancing and Sofía is getting her romantic fix by reading a love story set in sultry South America. Each chapter relates to one of this region's spicy recipes and inspires Sofía to fall in love! (Click here for the whole story)

Chapter 1 is all about the Power of Passion. When the heat is on, the passion between Prawn and Pineapple shows its true colours...  Grilled Prawn and Pineapple Salad Recipe.

A Secret Affair, the title of Chapter 2. They are from different worlds. It should never have worked. But when their paths crossed, it was love at first sight! Try the irresistible combination of chili and chocolate in this recipe. Chili Chocolate Sauce Recipe

South America is all about sassy dance moves and in Chapter 3, hot Habañero meats zesty Lime in a spirited salsa, burning the floor! Salsa de Aji Picante Recipe.

Rosemary's Romance is the title of Chapter 4. Rosemary always plays matchmaker, but now she’s find a match of her own… Chili and Rosemary makes for a love story of their own in this recipe for a naughty nibble. Chili and Rosemary Praline Recipe.

Sofía finds a love of her own in the final chapter, The Blushing Señorita. When she puts down her love stories, real time romance awaits in a delicious wine cocktail!  Blushing Señorita Cocktail/Mocktail Recipe.


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