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Although terroir is associated with wine and the way in which soil affects the wine's aroma and palate, oysters and other shellfish also differ in taste based on the region of seabed where they grow. This is one of the reasons why wine and shellfish pair so well, as both oysters and wine share a similarity: their taste profiles are influenced by where they come from.

According to an article in The Examiner, 'Oyster experts call these elements “flavor landscapes” – whether on dry land or under water – and tout the “taste of place.” Because oysters are constantly filtering the water around them, they acquire the unique traits of their habitat. So the sea bottom is a crucial element in taste, not some questionable underwater real estate.

To pair wine and oysters, keep these tips in mind:

·      Some oysters demand a slightly more acidic white wine than others

·      There are some whites that are versatile enough to pair with almost any oyster

·     Oysters from the Indian Ocean can be sweeter in flavor, or herbaceous, and sometimes even creamy;       Atlantic oysters are more briny and savory.

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