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Retro Party Pig

Retro Party Pig

Retro Party Pig


1 medium sweet melon


500g cheddar cheese, cut into 1cm cubes

1 x 150g jar Red Cocktail Onions

1 x 150g jar Green Cocktail Onions

1 x 150g jar White Cocktail Onions

2 sticks cabanossi, cut into 1cm thick slices

1 lemon for nose

Halved red grapes for eyes


Cut ⅔ of the sweet melon and place cut side down onto a serving platter

Skewer cheese, cabanossi then drained cocktail onions on toothpicks

Arrange toothpicks in rows over the top of the melon, alternating between red, green and white cocktail onions

Cut lemon in half and position in the centre of the face. Attach with a skewer. Skewer a red cocktail onion and attach to the lemon for the nose. Skewer grapes into position for the eyes. Cut remaining melon to form small feet

Serve immediately as part of a party feast!

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