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September is Heritage Month and on 24 September we celebrate National Braai Day. We can’t think of a more South African nor delicious way to celebrate, than with a fresh and fruity Chenin Blanc in your glass and an original braaibroodjie on the fire!!

You don’t have to be a chef to make a delicious braaibroodjie, you just need the right combination of ingredients. As it goes with traditional recipes though, everyone has a secret or favourite. To add chutney or not, sourdough or a plain white loaf, the selection of cheese, the cut of the tomato and onion, spreading the butter into the corners… all of these are much cause for debate around a fire…

Chef Pieter feels that you should not mess with a winning recipe. Staying as close as possible to the original braaibroodjie, he has a few suggestions and additions for the ultimate combination. Try his version on 24 September, open a bottle of Leopard’s Leap Chenin Blanc and remember to share your Braai Day experience using #TasteSunshine @leopardleapwine

The Ultimate Braaibroodjie


Serves 4

8 slices sour-dough bread


16 slices mozzarella

12 tomato slices

Salt and pepper

12 red onion rings

Mrs Ball’s Chutney



Butter each bread slice on one side.

Spread a thin layer of chutney and mayonnaise on the butter.

Place 2 slices of mozzarella on the one side, followed by the tomato and onion slices.

Season with salt and pepper.

Close each sandwich with the other slice of bread and press firmly.

When the coals are ready, not too hot, braai the sandwiches on the griddle.

Turn regularly to ensure that the cheese melts.

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