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Holidays call for various types of wine depending on the occasion and the guest!

Luckily the versatile portfolio of Leopard’s Leap wines caters for every taste and event.  Our Franschhoek Tasting Room is a one-stop-shop where you can relax with a delicious Rotisserie lunch before stocking up on all your favourites (and then something for the in-laws…) or you can get your holiday mix from all leading retailers.

You are sure to find something to your liking, whether you will drown it in ice next to the pool, blend it into a trendy wine cocktail or actually savour the finer nuances as a pairing on the dinner table!

The Lookouts

The Lookout range is ideal when you are looking for a refreshing glass of white wine next to the pool, an easy red when you have only a ‘worsie’ on the coals and a tempting semi-sweet or delightfully pink rosé for those who enjoy things slightly mellower. Pleasantly pocket-friendly, the Lookout wines will help you not to run out of cash or wine before the holidays are over!

The Classics

As the name suggests, you can go everywhere and do everything if you have some of the Leopard’s Leap Classic Collection wines in stock. They offer enough substance to proudly stand on the dinner table but are easy-drinking enough to enjoy on their own while watching the sunset. You might even be forgiven if you add a small cube of ice to keep your white nice and cold, the reds will beautifully complement steaks, chops and ‘potjies’ and the charming blush of the Chardonnay Pinot Noir might just be the best buy you will find this summer.

The Culinaria Collection

Again it is all in the name. Inspired by their canny ability to complement all things culinary, the Culinaria Collection is exclusively available from our Tasting Room (or online).

The oaked Chenin Blanc has been appointed as one of the Top 10 Chenin Blancs in South Africa, the Pinot Noir Chardonnay is the perfect match to the roast duck on the Christmas table and the French-inspired red blends will impress your wine connoisseur friends non-stop. To top it all, the sweet Muscat de Frontignan is an elegant option to serve with dessert or a late-night cheese platter while the sparkling wine made in the traditional French method, is your go-to for New Year’s Eve and all the other seasonal celebrations!

Make up your ideal mix for the holidays and be sure to have a Leopard’s Leap wine for any occasion and palate!  Your friends and family will love you for it and we are willing to bet, you will be quite impressed with yourself as well!

Visit our tasting room or shop online!

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