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This easy-drinking, everyday wine is best enjoyed with good food and great friends!
R 60.00
This refreshing wine with its herbaceous notes will pair well with fresh salads containing asparagus, pea-shoots and basil.
R 60.00
The elegant burst of citrus from the Chardonnay is beautifully complemented by the delicious Turkish Delight aromas of the Pinot Noir.
Tastes like pomegranate and raspberry sherbet. Enjoy with starters, main or dessert, but always in good company!
R 60.00
R 60.00
Fresh and zesty with upfront citrus notes and a hint of elegant pear, buttery biscuit and lime aromas.
R 129.00
The Leopard’s Leap Culinaria Pinot Noir is a delicate wine with an interesting combination of red and darker fruit nuances, made in a more classic style.
Bursting fragrant aromas of tropical fruit supported by an elegant fresh white pear and pineapple bouquet.
R 95.00
An invigorating sparkling wine. From zesty lime and lemon and tropical flavours, this sassy sparkling is a versatile companion to seafood, dessert and sunset. Elegant...
Red berries and sweet spice intrigue and follow through for a smooth mouthfeel and lingering aftertaste. Delightful on its own and an outstanding partner on...
Tastes like tropical fruit and sweet lemon. Enjoy with interesting conversation and spicy food, anytime of day!
R 60.00
R 60.00
Enjoy with a roasted tomato-based pasta or beef brisket. Also to be enjoyed with rich, cheesy gratins and an open-fire grilled steak. The more adventurous...
R 99.00
A proud example of South Africa’s Signature variety.