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Karoo lamb for a South African Easter

Karoo lamb for a South African Easter

During Easter, lamb is a favourite ingredient in kitchens all over the world. But there is more to lamb than a dish fit for the Easter table.

Because certain ingredients are so strongly associated with their origin or heritage, their names are protected. Just as only the sparkling wines from the region of Champagne in France can be called Champagne, only the ham and cheese from the Italian town of Parma, can be called Parma Ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano. In the same way, real Cornish pasty is from Cornwall in Britain. (Read more). Karoo lamb  is one of the South African food names that enjoy heritage protection.  

This Easter, we share a variety of lamb recipes using flavourful South African Karoo lamb. Make the most of all the cuts to take you from the braai to the Easter table. All to be enjoyed with proudly-South African Leopard's Leap wines of course! 

During April, pay 10% less when you buy 6 bottles of the 2019 Culinaria Grand Vin or 2020 Leopard's Leap Heritage Blend from our Tasting Room or They are both exceptional with lamb!

Lamb Recipes

We asked the glorious Georgia East to use our 2019 Culinaria Grand Vin as inspiration for an alternative Easter lamb recipe and she came up with the most delicious Lamb Shoulder Ragu with risotto or pappardelle

Here are some of our other lamb recipes:

Braised Lamb's Neck with Gremolata

Butterflied Leg of Lamb 

Turmeric Leg of Lamb with Rooibos and Apricot Couscous

Lamb and Rosemary Pot Pie

Ribs and Tails for the Braai

Harissa Lamb Chops for the Braai

Slow-cooked Leg of Lamb Gozleme

Left-over Lamb Lasagna






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