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Mayday Mayday!!

Mayday Mayday!!

Mayday might be a distress signal, but in May, there are plenty of days to celebrate and we came up with some ways to make the most of all the days of May.

1 May - International Worker's Day. Treat yourself to our Ploughman's platter, inspired by the traditional worker's lunch.

2 May - Chocolate Truffle Day. Yes! It has a day... Try our pistachio chocolate truffles or coconut chocolate truffles. They work lovely with a glass of Leopard's Leap Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot blend.

4 May - Orange Juice Day. We would recommend adding some Sparkling Cuvée Brut to your orange juice on 4 May, but low and behold, the Mimosa has its own day on the 16th of May!

6 May - No Diet Day. #getthepartystarted! When we google the fattiest food, we found some of our favourites even though we know they're not that good for us on an everyday basis. But, surely, you can indulge for one day...

8 May (2022) - Mother's Day. As with all of these special days, you know you shouldn't leave it for one day a year to tell your mom how awesome she is, but if you go to some extra trouble today, she will really appreciate it. Pack her a picnic, serve her a bubbly breakfast or buy her a bottle of our Culinaria Pinot Noir or Chenin Blanc

13 May - Hummus Day. This delicious spread traditionally made of chickpeas, tahini and garlic is versatile on a snacking platter, as a topping for toast or any bread, really and can be added to a magnitude of dressings and sauces, making everything just more delicious. Enjoy one of our recipes (click here) - the classic, the beetroot, the white bean or the spicy red pepper hummus. (Not sure about the pronunciation? Seems almost no one is! Read more.)

16 May - Yeah! It's Mimosa Day. It's a classic, but if you don't know how to mix one, click here.

17 May - World Baking Day. In 2020 we tried anything from banana loaf to sourdough, but with things returning to their natural chaos, it might have been a while since you tried your hand at baking something beautiful. Here are a few recipes to inspire.

21 May - World Whisky Day. Yes, we are all about wine, but did you know in some strange way, the two combine? Try this great cocktail called The Lady Irish. And if you want something more healthy, it is also Eat more fruits and vegetables day!

22 May - Paloma Day celebrates this popular Mexican cocktail. Tequila-based it has quite a kick, but our version is made with Leopard's Leap Natura De-alc White and safe to enjoy in excess. You'll be glad, because it is delicious! Try our Natura Paloma.

28 May - Hamburger Day. Try our cheese burger recipe - even if it is not jeans friendly, at least it is friendly on the pocket! 

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